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Our Mission

Our defined mission is to establish profitable investments and to maintain a personal relationship with all of our investors. We are an established one stop shop for all of your clients Real-Estate investing needs. Our focus is to offer our services to a broad range of investors.

Atlanta has many unique aspects which make living, working and investing in Atlanta a profitable endeavor. The timing to acquire residential income property for the long term has never been better. A growing population of renters has kept rents strong relative to price.

Atlanta is unique in that there is no one single dominant element that makes it a standout for investing. It’s actually a combination of several critical characteristics which combine to create a recipe for long-term real estate prosperity. Atlanta is the third-largest metropolitan region in the Southeast. Making it an excellent place to begin investing.


Our Story

Alex Babayev began his real estate career at the young age of 21, when he bought his first condo in Atlanta, GA. Ever since the sale of that first property, Alex has maintained a passion for buying and selling real estate and has never looked back.

Today, Alex enjoys fruitful relationships with other investors across the country who value his expert insights into property flipping, as well as his commitment to close deals that have real value for all parties involved.

No matter what type of property Alex starts with, he always keeps his strategy simple: identify objectives, determine a plan of action, and stay committed to finishing the job. These three simple tenets have helped Alex establish himself as one of the preeminent real estate investors in not just Atlanta, but across the US as well.

Currently, Alex specializes in value-add renovations, maximizing client ROI. Alex also works with investors from across the country who are curious about investing in real estate but who may not have the time, experience or knowledge, but do have the capital to invest. Alex manages the project from start to finish: asset acquisition, renovation, and ultimately asset disposition for a profitable long-term gain.

Alex holds a Master’s degree in Taxation from Georgia State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Georgia State University. He immigrated from Tashkent, Uzbekistan with his family at the age of four, settling in San Diego, CA, and then moving to Atlanta, GA in 2006 during his senior year in high school. He loves the community around him in Atlanta, and feels so blessed by the opportunities and communities he has become a part of there.

Meet Our Experts

Our experts have been in the business for years. They're willing to pass on their knowledge to you to start making your own investments.


Alex Babayev


No matter what type of property Alex starts with, he always keeps his strategy simple: identify objectives, determine a plan of action, and stay committed to finishing the job.

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Paga Kamarhie

Real Estate Agent

Paga has been closely tied to real estate investing thanks to her husband Alex. Over the years Paga has been able to assist with various transactions from rental property investing to flipping.

In 2018 Paga decided to get her real estate license to officially start working directly with investors and individuals who have interest to invest in real estate around Metro Atlanta. Having Paga as your agent gets you access to the team she has built with her husband over the years for successful real estate investing. When you are in need of an investor-friendly agent who speaks your lingo please reach out. Let’s have a conversation.

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